Energy Management

Energy Management
The scientific consensus around climate change is clear, and the City of Albany is responding strongly to become more sustainable, environmentally conscientious and prepared.  The City has pledged to help protect the environment and fight local climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

As a member of the Compact of Mayors--one of the largest coalitions of city leaders on climate change--Albany is focused on energy efficiency projects and critical long-term investments--targeting City sectors that contribute the largest amount of carbon emissions.  According to an energy-use inventory for the Five Cities Energy Program, streetlights and traffic signals account for 29% of all energy use, and 55% comes from municipal buildings. A community-wide greenhouse gas inventory targeted transportation as a leading contributor of emissions in Albany, accounting for an estimated 40% of all emissions.

Currently, the City has progressed toward a sustainable future by fostering energy savings and emission reductions through city-controlled projects.... Albany has increased energy efficiency by retrofitting municipal buildings and installing renewable energy options, completing a citywide street light inventory for LED conversion, implementing complete streets legislation, and always promoting alternative modes of transportation, like bike and car share services.

The Sustainability Advisory Committee (SAC) helps the City in achieving sustainable goals by producing recommendations for sustainable best practices.  SAC researches key action items that will help mitigate the adverse effects of climate change on our community, guide conservation efforts, and reinforce our commitment for smart growth. SAC builds upon existing sustainability plans and resources to help Albany make decisions that are fiscally and environmentally responsible, while fostering unified action on climate change in the City.

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