Red Light Camera

It's simple. Red light enforcement cameras work.

They modify driver behavior, and this in turn reduces the number of accidents. Together, we can make this new program a success in Albany.

Annually over 700 people are killed and an estimated 118,000 are injured in crashes that involved red light running.* More than half of those deaths are pedestrians, bicyclists and occupants in the"other vehicles." Red light cameras will assist the Albany Police Department in enforcing traffic laws by automatically photographing vehicles whose drivers run red lights. 

Across the country, cameras have been shown to substantially reduce violations, decrease the number of crashes and improve driver behavior. Trained police officers will review every picture to verify vehicle information and ensure that the vehicle is in violation.

There is no cost to our community for installing, operating and maintaining the system. Our main objective is to deter violators, not to catch them. Signs will be posted at every intersection warning drivers that photo enforcement is in use. 

There are three primary reasons for this program: Safety, SAFETY and SAFETY

Camera locations are listed below:

  • Second Avenue & Frisbee Avenue
  • Madison Avenue & South Pearl Street
  • Delaware Avenue, Holland Avenue & Morton Avenue
  • Lark Street, Madison Avenue & Delaware Avenue
  • New Scotland Avenue & Ontario Street
  • Madison Avenue & New Scotland Avenue
  • Central Avenue & Henry Johnson Boulevard
  • Henry Johnson & Clinton Avenue
  • Washington Avenue & Quail Street
  • Central Avenue & Quail Street
  • Northern Boulevard & Shaker Road
  • Madison Avenue & North Main Avenue
  • Madison Avenue & Quail Street
  • Washington Avenue & North Main Avenue
  • Central Avenue & Colvin Avenue
  • Western Avenue & Brevator Street
  • Russell Road & Western Avenue
  • New Scotland & Manning Boulevard
  • Everett Road & Watervliet Avenue Extension
  • Central Avenue & King Street

*Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

To download a copy of the City of Albany Red Light Camera brochure, click here.

To view a list of FAQ's click here.

For more information contact Albany Parking Violations
(518) 434-5006
24 Eagle Street
Room 203
Albany, NY 12207