Police Officer Francis W. Castle, #108

1925 - 1961
Albany Police Department
Division I
Struck by Road Grader

On the afternoon of 2-6-1961, P.O. Frank "Red" Castle, 34, was directing traffic around snow removal operations on Delaware Avenue at Bertha Street, Albany NY. It appeared that Castle, who had been directing traffic in front of a 40-ton road grader, walked behind it to unsnarl the traffic at that intersection. Unaware that Castle was behind him, the driver of the road grader backed over the officer. Castle was crushed beneath the grader's left rear wheel and then pinned between that wheel and another.

Castle had just completed his overtime shift, but volunteered to stay a few minutes while his relief ran an errand for the Sergeant. It was P.O. Castle's day off. A Coast Guard veteran, he was working overtime to accumulate hours to attend a veteran's convention in New York City later in the year.

Frank Castle's best friend and partner was an officer named Michael McNeil. Ten years after Castle's death, McNeil was also killed in the line of duty, shot by a member of a motorcycle gang.

Frank Castle, an 11-year police veteran, was sworn in on 10-23-1950. He lived at 9 Madison Place and was survived by his widow, Josephine Marchese Castle; two daughters, Teresa, 11 (the future Terry Bardwell), and Linda, 8(the future Linda Zeoli); and his mother, Mrs. Michael Castle. His grandson, Frank Zeoli, currently works for the City of Albany's Department of general Services.