Community Response Unit

As the City of Albany’s needs change, the Albany Police Department continues to lean forward making the appropriate transformations in the department’s structure to adequately address the assessed and measured needs of the community.  In 2000, after some analysis, a community need was identified that started the transformation of the Special Investigations Unit into the Community Response Unit (CRU).  That transformations caused some significant changes in philosophy and approach to drug and drug related crime.

The CRU approach to handling cases is based on the “organized cry of the community” where cases are assigned as a result of community complaints, directives from command, requests from station house lieutenants and other unit’s internally and externally to the APD.  This approach has made application more data driven, whereas cases are assigned based on the needs of both the community and the law enforcement officers responsible for that geographic area.

As new department leadership completes work with the community to identify new and changing community needs, the command continues to parallel plan strategies to meet those needs.  As a result, the CRU will build on past success and leverage technology and manpower as the core of its transformation.  The unit now operates within a newly formed framework of systems designed to identify, locate, and apprehend violent offenders engaged in narcotics trafficking and it’s associated gun violence.  This strategy is in no way going to cut response to the “organized cry of the community”, in fact, it will provide a seamless transition of the handling of complaint calls to a larger pool of trained officers working in concert with CRU and other units to identify, locate, and disrupt organized Narco/gang activity, established drug markets, and violent offenders who ply their trade within those markets.

The drug tip hotline is (518) 462-8035.  Although you may remain anonymous, the more information provided or a call back number would greatly increase the chances of the unit better serving your needs.