Detectives Unit

The Detective Division’s primary function is to provide support to the Patrol Division by following through on investigations and complaints initially answered by uniformed officers.

The Detective Division is supervised by a Commander who oversees the daily operations of the Division and provides a direct line of supervision to the Detective Lieutenants and Sergeants of each unit.

The Detective Division is defined by several specialized units that perform vital tasks relative to criminal investigations. It is broken down into the following units: Criminal Investigation Unit, Children & Family Services Unit, Domestic Violence Unit, Case Coalition Coordination Information Unit, Community Response Unit and the Forensic Investigation Unit.

The Detective Division also provides valuable support to a wide variety of local, state and federal agencies in criminal investigations.

The links found in the navigation to the left will provide a comprehensive guide of each specialized unit and their functions within the Detective Division.

Contact Information

126 Arch Street,
Albany, NY 12202