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The Department of Planning and Development is a dynamic and interdisciplinary office of professionals that apply progressive urban planning practices to preserve and protect neighborhoods, manage and promote adaptive land use, and guide sustainable growth in our community.

In our Neighborhoods
Planning and Development manages millions of dollars each year in federal, state and/or private grants—dedicated to community development, historic conservation, and long-range neighborhood revitalization and stabilization. Funding is applied to all kinds of planning initiatives that transform our built environment, strengthen connectivity among our neighborhoods, improves our urban centers, creates economic and workforce opportunities, and promotes a safe and vibrant City that meets goals established in Albany 2030 Comprehensive Plan.

Small Cell Aesthetic Standards
The Small Cell Aesthetic Standards reflect the desire of the City of Albany to maintain high quality aesthetics within the City, while allowing for an increase in the availability and quality of wireless broadband.

Wireless Facilities Rights-of-Way Access Agreement

Unified Sustainable Development
The City's Unified Sustainable Development Ordinance (USDO), effective June 1, 2017, consolidates development-related regulations into a single unified code document for a more consistent, logical, integrated and efficient means to review and encourage development.  The USDO is administered by the Planning Department in conjunction with the Board of Zoning Appeals, Planning Board, and Historic Resources Commission, which play an essential role in approving development projects, upholding historic preservation, and maintaining land use compliance in our City. Project review is coordinated with other City Departments to ensure site designs and practices are consistent with local, state and federal laws, includes sustainable measures, and creates a positive and compatible reflection of our community form.

Albany 2030 Albany 2030, The City of Albany Comprehensive Plan
Planning and Development is charged with the authority and implementation of Albany 2030, the City’s first Comprehensive Plan.  Thanks to our dedicated residents, businesses, and area stakeholders, this Citywide guidance document is a Vision for the City's future, and a reflection of our community values and priorities.  The final plan was adopted on April 2, 2012. Visit Albany 2030 to read the full plan.

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Energy ManagementEnergy Management 
The Planning Department helps to manage Citywide projects that aim to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, which meet other established goals from the City's Five Cities Energy Plan.  Initiatives focus on long-term investments that will protect our resources and provide cost savings to our community.  Read more about sustainability in Albany... and teh City's Smart Street Light conversion project.

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