Office of Audit & Control

Albany Chief City Auditor, Dorcey ApplyrsWelcome to the Office of Audit and Control. I am honored to serve Albany residents as Chief City Auditor. The Office of Audit and Control provides independent oversight of the City’s operations to ensure our government is being transparent, efficient, and effective. As Chief City Auditor, I report directly to Albany residents.

The Office of Audit and Control conducts performance audits of all City offices and departments, audits the City’s investments, and certify the validity of accounts payable. Audits are conducted to answers such as these:
  • Are City programs accomplishing their missions and achieving the desired results?
  • Are there better ways of achieving program objectives at lower costs?
  • Are programs in compliance with applicable laws and regulations?
  • Do opportunities exist to eliminate inefficient use of public funds and potential waste?
  • Are funds being spent legally, and is accounting for them accurate?
  • Are there ways to improve the quality of service without increasing costs?
  • What emerging or key issues should the Mayor and the Common Council consider?
For additional information about our office, please contact: 

Contact Information

Dorcey Applyrs
Chief City Auditor
City Hall, 24 Eagle Street, Room 111
Albany, NY  12207
Phone: (518) 434-5023
Fax: (518) 434-5098

Office of Audit and Control Reports 

Monthly Payment Records

To view vendor payments from 2016-2019 click here.

The files on this page are in pdf format and are available upon request as Excel spreadsheets. Additional information about each payment is also available upon request.