Office of Audit & Control

Welcome to the Office of Audit and Control website. The goal for this office to improve the performance and transparency of City operations, but we can’t do that without your help. We are very interested in your ideas and concerns about the operations of City government. Your input will inform our audit planning process. It will also help ensure that we are gathering the right information and asking all the right questions when we conduct our audits.

Fraud and abuse are extremely serious. All concerns reported to the Fraud and Abuse Hotline will be kept confidential and will be investigated by myself and my staff. Please look to the bottom of the page for our contact information.

Thank you for visiting our website and please contact us with your ideas and concerns.

Contact Information

Dorcey Applyrs
Chief City Auditor
City Hall, 24 Eagle Street, Room 111
Albany, NY  12207
Phone: (518) 434-5023
Fax: (518) 434-5098

What our office does: 
The Office of Audit and Control provides independent oversight of the City’s operations. It is our mission to provide the citizens of Albany, the Common Council, and the City’s Administration with the ability to ensure that City government is transparent, efficient, and effective.

The City Charter establishes the Office of Audit and Control to conduct performance audits of all City offices, to audit the City’s investments, and to certify the validity of accounts payable. Additionally, the Common Council may direct the Office of Audit and Control to prepare and present reports that are consistent with the duties of the Office.

Who we Report to:
The elected Chief City Auditor reports to and is accountable to the voters of the City of Albany. All audit reports issued by our office are performed in accordance with Government Auditing Standards and are presented to the Common Council and the Mayor and are available to the public.


Types of questions our office answers:

  • Are City programs accomplishing their missions and achieving the desired results?
  • Are there better ways of achieving program objectives at lower costs?
  • Are programs in compliance with applicable laws and regulations?
  • Is the information provided to the Common Council and the Mayor about City programs accurate?
  • Do opportunities exist to eliminate inefficient use of public funds and potential waste?
  • Are funds being spent legally, and is accounting for them accurate?
  • Are there ways to improve the quality of service without increasing costs?
  • What emerging or key issues should the Mayor and the Common Council consider?

OAC Documents

(All appendices are available upon request)

Office of Audit and Control Reports 

2013 Payroll Audit Report
2013 Water Board Accounts Payable Audit Report
Report on the Accounts Payable Audit Process
2012 Minority & Women Owned Business Enterprise & Labor Utilization Program Audit
2012 Youth & Workforce Services Grant Records Audit 
2012 Street Maintenance Audit
2011Cash & Investment Audit
2011 Code Enforcement Audit Part 1
2011 Code Enforcement Audit Part 2
2010 Annual Review
2010 Pesticide Report to Council
2010 UAlbany Sewer and Stormwater Report
2010 Management Comment- Tax Refund Checks Controls

Monthly Payment Records

In accordance with City Code, OAC posted the City’s payments to this webpage through the end of 2013. Starting in 2014, this information is being posted to the City’s OpenData website at this address: 

The files on this page are in pdf format and are available upon request as Excel spreadsheets. Additional information about each payment is also available upon request. 

October 2019 Payments

July 2013 Payments
June 2013 Payments
May 2013 Payments
April 2013 Payments
March 2013 Payments
February 2013 Payments
January 2013 Payments
December 2012 Payments
November 2012 Payments
October 2012 Payments
September 2012 Payments
August 2012 Payments
July 2012 Payments
June 2012 Payments
May 2012 Payments
April 2012 Payments
March 2012 Payments
February 2012 Payments
January 2012 Payments
December 2011 Payments
November 2011 Payments

Financial Statements

Audited financial statement for 2011
Audited financial statement for 2010
Audited financial statement for 2009
Audited financial statement for 2008
Audited financial statement for 2007
Audited financial statement for 2006
Audited financial statement for 2005
Audited financial statement for 2004
Audited financial statement for 2003
Audited financial statement for 2002

City of Albany Organizational Chart

During the public input portion of the 2011 Annual Audit Plan process, OAC developed a detailed organizational chart to help the participants better understand the functions of the City's different departments. This chart was so popular that we agreed to post it online.

City Comptroller's Audits

The former Office of the Comptroller, which was replaced in 2010 by the Office of Audit and Control, worked with various city departments to improve financial practices and internal controls. The office selectively performed audits of various city operations. Their recent audits are listed below.

Police seized assets funds, August 2004
Compensatory time
Sale of Recycled Materials
Emergency Demolition