Household Hazardous Waste & Electronics

DO NOT PLACE mercury-filled items, electronics and other hazardous waste curbside for disposal! The Department of General Services conducts DROP OFF EVENTS for safe disposal of these items. Examples of hazardous waste are listed below.

Who is eligible? DGS provides this service only to City of Albany residents.Small quantity generators (SQG) -businesses that generate less than 32 gallons a month - of hazardous waste may participate, but will be charged a fee. NOTE: SQGs must register by calling 434-2489.

Residents must pre-register to participate. Online registration is available by clicking the link below or by calling the Department of General Services at (518) 434-CITY (2489).

Any questions regarding the Household Hazardous Waste & Electronics program please call the Department of General Services at 518-434-2489 or visit:

Please see the list of Household Hazardous Waste drop off dates for 2020 below. REGISTER HERE.
April 2 - CANCELED
May 21 September 17
April 16 - CANCELED June 4 October 1
May 7 September 3
October 15

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City of Albany Landfill

525 Rapp Road
Albany, New York 12205 

Hazardous Waste
Auto & Machinery Lawn & Garden
Gasoline Garden Products
Motor Oil Fertilizers
Antifreeze Herbicides
Auto Cleaning Products Lawn Care Products
Automotive Fluids Pest Control
Automotive Paints Ant Bait or Traps
Driveway Sealer Insecticides
Household Products Pesticides
Household Cleaning Products Rodent Control Products
Asbestos **
Caustic & Acidic Cleaners Spray Cans (i.e., insecticides)
Drain Cleaners Misc. Chemicals
Flammable Caulks & Adhesives Propane Cylinders
Flammable Waxes & Abrasives Fire Extinguishers
Swimming Pool Chemicals Photographic Chemicals
Needles & Syringes ** Chemistry Sets
Paint Fixers
Aerosols Mineral Spirits
Paint Cans (Oil & Latex) Developers
Spray Paint Light Bulbs
Lacquers Mercury Filled Light Bulbs (i.e. fluorescent bulbs, CFLs)
Thinners Mercury Filled Devices (i.e. thermostats)
Varnishes Batteries
Artist Paint Lead/Acid Batteries
Battery Acid

** Asbestos must be double bagged and wetted.
** Needles & Syringes need to be placed in a sealed metal can or sharps container with the needles pointing down.
Please bring products in the originally labeled containers. Containers should be sealed and properly packaged for safe transportation.

Incandescent light bulbs and dried out Latex paint cans may be thrown out with regular curbside trash.

Biological Waste
Infectious Waste
Radioactive Materials
Regulated Waste
Unknown Substances

In addition to the year round collection of electronics Monday – Friday 7AM-5PM at the Department of General Services facility (One Richard J Conners Blvd.), electronics are also accepted at all Household Hazardous Waste DROP OFF events. A list of acceptable electronics is listed below:

• Computers, Scanners, Printers, Fax Machines
• Ink & Toner Cartridges
• Monitors, Keyboards & Mice
• Portable Digital Devices
• Game Consoles
• Wires and Cords
• Music Players, Stereos & Speakers
• TVs, VCRs, Video & DVD Devices
• Cell Phones & Chargers

DO NOT INCLUDE: Appliances, Air Conditioners 


Meghan Ruby, Planning Unit Recycling Coordinator
Kimberly Moshier, Recycling Specialist

The Department of General Services
1 Richard J. Conners Blvd
Albany, New York 12204
(518) 434-2489 (CITY)
City of Albany Landfil
525 Rapp Road
Albany, New York 12205
(518) 869-3651