Standard Detail Drawings

The following standard detail drawings are the most commonly referenced drawings for work in the public right-of-way. The purpose of the City of Albany standard detail drawings is to provide a resource for design and construction with the City right-of-way. The details apply to all construction on public property and rights-of-way to ensure safety and functionality of infrastructure serving the public.

The standard detail drawings are periodically updated and revised by the City engineer.  The City reserves the right to update these drawings at any time as deemed necessary by the City engineer and reserves the right to require variations of the design details based on actual field conditions on a case-by-case basis. 

SR-1 Street Restoration Asphalt Pavement

SR-2 Street Restoration Concrete Pavement

SR-3 Street Restoration Granite-Brick Pavement within Historic District

SR-4 Street Restoration Granite-Brick Pavement out of Historic District

SR-5 Street Restoration Winter Conditions (Nov. 1 through April 15)

SR-6 Street Restoration Pavement Termination

SR-7 Street Restoration Pavement Milling

C-1 Granite Curb

DW-1 Driveway-Sidewalk Drop Curb

DW-2 Driveway-Sidewalk Drop Curb with Buffer Strip (Type A)

DW-3 Driveway-Sidewalk Drop Curb with Buffer Strip (Type B)

CW-1 Crosswalk

SW-1 Sidewalk Installation

SW-2 Sidewalk Replacement

SW-3 Sidewalk Ramp at Street

SW-4 Sidewalk Ramp at Street Corner