Property Minor Subdivision & Consolidation Reviews


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In response to frequently asked questions relating to the Minor Subdivision and Minor Consolidation Process in the City of Albany, we prepared this brief summary about the City’s review process.  This process applies to all minor subdivisions and consolidations for properties in the City of Albany.  For the subdivision of more than four (4) properties, applications should be submitted to the City Planning Board at the City of Albany Department of Development and Planning located at 200 Henry Johnson Blvd,, Albany, New York 12210.

For Minor Subdivision and Minor Consolidation review, the applicant must submit one (1) original Mylar map to the City of Albany Engineering Division at the above referenced address.  The map must be stamped and signed by a NYS Licensed Engineer or Land Surveyor.  Maps must be submitted using the City standard title block on Mylar paper.  We would be happy to send the title block information electronically via email to the engineer or surveyor for their use.

Prior to submitting the original Mylar map to the City of Albany Engineering Division, the properties that wished to be subdivided or consolidated MUST have common ownership and the taxes due on those properties MUST be paid.  Please see the phone numbers below to confirm that all taxes on all impacted properties are paid:

  • Albany County Division of Finance - Tax Record Unit at (518) 447-7082
  • City of Albany Treasurer’s Office at (518) 434-5036

Unfortunately, we routinely have to deny applications because we are informed by the County and/or City that taxes are due.  Many individuals are not aware that taxes may be due on the proposed subdivision/consolidation.  If we are informed by the County and/or City that taxes are due, we have no choice but to deny the submission and return the map to you until you submit to us evidence that all of the taxes have been paid.  This substantially increases the processing time and additional fees may apply for reprocessing. 

The Division of Engineering will review the map and forward it to various City and County Departments for review and approval including: Albany County Real Property Tax Service Agency, City Planning Department, City Building and Regulatory Compliance Dept, and the City Treasurer’s Office.

If at any time one of these Departments denies the application, we will send you a letter explaining the reason for the denial and we will return the map to you.

If all of these Departments approve the application, we will return the map to you and request that you make copies of the map and that you return the original Mylar and seven (7) copies of the map to our office with the County’s filing fee check.  The check should be made payable to: Albany County Real Property Tax Service.  We will forward the map and check to the County for their filing purposes.

The total process typically takes 4 to 5 weeks, but may take longer based on the particular application. 

If you have additional questions or need more information, please feel free to contact our office at (518) 434-5670.