Randy Milano, P.E., City Engineer

Welcome to the City of Albany Engineering Division. We are a full-service engineering department that serves the general public as well as other City departments including Development & Planning, Traffic Safety, Building & Codes, Water & Water Supply, and Recreation. We welcome any questions or comments you may have about our policies, procedures, and operations.


To provide high quality technical, professional, and value oriented engineering services to meet the existing and future needs of our customers.

The City of Albany Engineering Division provides planning, design, construction inspection, construction administration, and project management services for capital improvement projects to City infrastructure including 60 City-owned buildings, streets, sidewalks, bridges, and parks. In addition, the Engineering Division is responsible for the issuance of various permits and approvals for construction related activities in the City of Albany.

Engineering is in charge of the capital improvement projects. These projects are typically planned and budgeted years in advance and are typically larger than the in-house DGS maintenance work and are therefore contracted out to outside contractors.

2020 Contract 1 - Work Summary

2020 Contract 2- Work Summary

2020 In House Street Paving Summary

Contact Information

1 Conners Boulevard
Albany, New York 12204-2514
Phone: (518) 427-7481
Fax: (518) 434-5696