Code Enforcement

The Department of General Services has the responsibility to enforce several sections of the municipal code of the City of Albany. Among these are codes relating to refuse collection, illegal dumping, anti litter, snow removal, streets and encroachments. Many of the outdoor “Quality of Life” issues are handled by DGS.

How the Service Is Obtained

Code Enforcement inquires relating to any of the mentioned above please contact the Department of General Services at 434-CITY.


Violators of these codes can be subject to a fine up to $650.00 plus cost of cleaning.

Complaints, Problems or Questions

Individuals with concerns about municipal code enforcement may call the Department of General Services at 434-CITY, Monday through Friday, between 9:00am and 5:00pm.

Waste Collection Enforcement & City Code Reminders

  • The purpose of Albany’s waste collection and recycling program is to collect normal weekly-generated household trash and recycling. Excessive quantities of trash and recycling placed curbside are subject to billing and a fine. (Code: 313-8)
  • Residential construction debris will be picked up curbside as long it is neatly containerized, manageable by 1 person, able to be loaded into in a collection vehicle and takes laborers no more than 4 trips between the pile and the vehicle. Building material should not be placed curbside more than twice a month. (Code: 313-8)
  • Prior to placement for collection, all waste containers and waste stored in plastic bags for weekly pickup must be stored in areas away from front yards, sidewalks, or other public rights of way affecting the visual and aesthetic character of city streetscapes. (Code: 313-8)
  • All properties and/or adjoining public ways in the city of Albany must be maintained free of litter, debris and excessive accumulation of animal waste. (Code: 313-47)
  • All properties must be maintained free of heavy overgrowth and or accumulation of weeds. (Code: 313-51.1)
  • At no time should leaves, grass clippings and other yard waste debris be raked into the street. These items should be placed in a biodegradable paper bag and placed curbside the evening prior to your collection day. No Plastic bags Please. (Code: 313-4B)
  • It is the responsibility of all property owners to remove snow and ice from the sidewalks adjacent to their property within 24 hours of succession of a snowstorm. (Code: 323-21/22)
  • In no event shall snow, by anyone, be shoveled, plowed or snow blown into the city streets, carriageways, or crosswalks for removal. (Code: 323-21)

Violators of these codes can be subject to a fine up to $250.00 plus cost of cleanup.