Fire Stations

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services operates under a thirty-two million dollar budget. To carry out the functions of a modern fire department members are stationed at eight “firehouses” throughout the city. These stations are strategically located though out the twenty-seven square miles of the City of Albany.

In each of these firehouses are housed Engines, Aerial Ladders, Paramedic Units, or the Rescue Squad. Engines and Ladders are typically staffed with an Officer and three firefighters, Paramedic Units are staffed with a Paramedic Officer and a Paramedic Firefighter. The Rescue Squad is typically staffed with an Officer and five firefighters.

Engine 1- "The Pride of Midtown"

Engine 1 is located at the point of Western and Washington Avenues. It currently houses Engine 1 and Rescue 1. This building was erected in 1892.

This structure was refurbished in the late 30's and again in 1995.

Engine 1's quarters is home to both Engine 1 and Rescue 1.

Engine One
Arbor Hill Fire House

Arbor Hill Firehouse

The Arbor Hill House is located at the corner of Manning Boulevard and Lark Drive. This building was dedicated July 12, 1990.

It is currently the quarters for Engine 2, Truck 2, Rescue 2 and the Rescue Squad.

Engine Four- "The Pine Bush"

The Pinebush Station was opened in September of 1977 and is quarters for Engine 4. This structure received some refurbishing in 1991 with the replacement of carpeting, tile flooring, new furniture and a new kitchen.

Engine 4 is a "Single Company House" which serves the SUNY Campus and the Pinebush area of the City.

Engine Four

South End Fire House

South End Firehouse

The South End House was opened April 30, 1991. This station is located at Morton Avenue and South Pearl Street and houses Engine 5, Ladder 1 and a Battalion Chief.

This building also houses the Department's supply room on the apparatus level and is the home of the Albany Fire Department Headquarters on the second floor, Broad Street side of the building.

Engine 7- "West Hill"

The quarters of Engine 7 is located at Clinton Avenue and Ontario Streets. This firehouse was opened in the latter part of 1874 and are the oldest building currently in use by the Department.

As with Engine 1's quarters, this building was refurbished in the late 1930's. The quarters underwent extensive renovations in 1998.

"West Hill" is a "Single Company House" and is the home of a pumper, Engine 7.

Engine Seven
Engine Nine

Delaware Avenue- "The Big House"

This ornate structure was built in 1912 at Delaware Avenue and Marshall Street. This building received some remodeling in the late 30's. However, these quarters were extensively remodeled in 1991.

"The Big House" is the quarters of Engine 9, Rescue 9, and Truck 4.

Brevator Station

The Brevator Street Station was opened on September 22, 1988. This building is the quarters of Paramedic Engine 10, Truck 3, and the second Battalion Chief.

This modern building was the first to be constructed of the three new firehouses.

Brevator Fire Station
Engine Eleven

New Scotland Avenue

Engine 11 is located at the corner of New Scotland Avenue and Maplewood Street. This building was constructed in 1926 and opened in April 1927.

During 1990 this building underwent rehabilitation throughout. At this time an updated was added.

This is a "Single Company House" and is home to a pumper, Engine 11.