Waste Collection Fee Program

On January 4, 2016, the City amended Albany City Code § 313-3 to assess a waste collection fee on residential dwellings of four or less units. This creates a fee of $180 per unit per year with an automatic exemption for one unit at each property.  For example, a two unit property would pay $180 per year, a three unit property $360 per year, and a four unit property $540 per year. It is meant to offset the cost of curbside garbage collection generated by people residing in those units and will be reevaluated annually.

As with any new municipal program, the newly amended Albany City Code § 313-3 will generate a lot of questions. Though the Department of Buildings & Regulatory compliance is happy to answer any questions, you are welcome to view the FAQs which address the fundamentals of the fee and how it will operate.

Included in the FAQ section is information regarding exemptions to the Fee. Access the Waste Collection Fee Exemption Application here

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