Financial Restructuring Board

In February, Mayor Kathy Sheehan formally submitted the City of Albany's application for review by the New York State Financial Restructuring Board (FRB) for local governments after receiving backing from the Common Council and City officials. Sheehan is opening the City's fiscal books to the FRB in a request that could result in additional State funding of up to $5 million. Mayor Sheehan cited Albany's unique financial situation as the Capital of New York in the application as the City seeks to close a $16 million structural deficit. 

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Albany Site Visit Agenda

Mayor's presentation to the FRB

Follow up documents:

Mayor's follow up letter to the FRB

Financial Assurance Estimate - City of Albany Rapp Rd. Solid Waste Management Facility

Combined Data - CFA Breakdown

2014 Landfill Cap and Restoration Background

Energy Efficiency

Transferring the Corning Preserve to the City of Albany

Albany Municipal Services Index

PFM Final Report