Gun Violence Task Force


The mission of the Albany Gun Violence Task Force is twofold: Assessment and Recommendation.

To the end of Assessment, it is our purpose to:

  • To ascertain the root causes of gun violence;
  • To examine the manifestations of gun violence; and
  • To engage in dialogue with the people concerning gun violence.

To the end of Recommendation, it is our purpose to:

  • To identify resources to address gun violence;
  • To suggest a strategy to alleviate gun violence; and
  • To recommend programs to combat gun violence.

It is our vision to develop a working partnership inclusive of the Task Force, city agencies, existing programs, and the citizens of Albany to fulfill the purposes identified.

Meeting Minutes

Interim Report


Final Report

Public Notice

The City of Albany Gun Violence Task Force was created by Albany City Ordinance Number 71.11.06. The Task Force shall be completed within one year after the appointment of its members at which time the Task Force will cease to exist. Common Council appointments were made by Resolution Number 71.111.07R at the Common council Meeting of November 5, 2007.