Committee Assignments

Committees are appointed biennially.  January 2018 - 2019 Appointments:

Council Operations and Ethics
Conti, Igoe, Doesschate, Anane, Hoey

Finance, Taxation and Assessment
O’Brien, Applyrs, Farrell, Robinson

General Services, Health and Environment
O’Brien, Fahey, Flynn, Johnson, Love

Housing and Community Development
Kimbrough, Conti, Balarin, Love, Robinson

Human Resources and Human Rights

Kimbrough, Conti, Flynn, Johnson, Robinson

Law, Buildings and Code Enforcement 
Igoe, O’Brien, Applyrs, Anane, Farrell

Parks, Recreation and Family Services
Fahey, Anane, Love, Hoey

Planning, Economic Development and Land Use
Fahey, Doesschate, Balarin, Farrell, Johnson

Public Safety
Applyrs, Igoe, Kimbrough, Balarin, Hoey