Historic Resources Commission

The Historic Resources Commission (HRC) consists of nine members appointed by the Mayor, with the advice and consent of the Common Council. The presence of five members of the Commission constitutes a quorum, and the concurring vote of five members is required to carry out an action.


  • John Myers, Chair
  • Jennifer Geraghty
  • Chris Hacker
  • Marilyn Kaplan
  • Jack McEneny
  • Lee Pinckney
  • Norman Rice
  • Erin Tobin

HRC is charged to conserve and protect historic sites, structures and other landmarks that have special value or interest to the City, in accordance with the Albany's General City Code Chapter 42 Part 4 Article XII (Sections 42-82 to 42-97), and pursuant to the City's Unified Sustainable Development Ordinance.

HRC Contact

Erin Glennon
Department of Planning & Development
200 Henry Johnson Blvd 
First Floor  |  Suite #3
Albany, NY 12210
Phone: (518) 434-5271
Fax: (518) 434-5294
General Email:  hrc@albanyny.gov