What is the Citizen's Self Service Portal?

The Citizen's Self Service (CSS) Portal is where you can go to find information about a property from the records of the Department of Buildings & Regulatory Compliance.  You can find information such as:

  • Construction Permits (such as Building, Plumbing Electrical, Elevator)
    • Permit Status
    • Inspector
    • Permitted Work
  • Residential Occupancy Permits (ROPs)
    • Status
    • Number of Rental Units
  • Code Cases
    • Case Status
    • Violations
  • Registry Programs - current status
    • Elevator
    • Public Assembly
    • Sprinkler
    • Vacant Building

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1. What is the Citizen's Self Service Portal?
2. How frequently is the data uploaded?
3. Can I use this to look up whether a property has a ROP?
4. I lost the document(s) sent to me, can I access them on the Public Portal?
5. Are there plans to expand the CSS Portal?
6. I found information on the portal that I think is incorrect, what should I do?