How many winners can there be?

There will be one winner each year, as well as possible "honorable mentions" the Award Committee identifies based on the strength of the nomination.

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1. Can children be nominated/win the award?
2. Must nominators and co-nominators be residents of the City of Albany?
3. Does the nominee's length of time as a resident of Albany matter?
4. What are you looking for in a nominee?
5. What kinds of community service count?
6. Can I nominate myself?
7. If I'm going to nominate someone, do I need co-nominators?
8. How many winners can there be?
9. Who is on the Henry Johnson Award Committee?
10. How will the winner be selected?
11. How will I know if my nominee has won?
12. Will I be contacted if my nominee has not won this year's award?
13. When will the 2023 Henry Johnson Award be given?