Where does the electricity come from?

CCA is about community choice and control over electricity supply. Municipal Electric and Gas Alliance (MEGA) creates a competitive bid process for electricity supply based on what the community desires. MEGA solicits multiple options from Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and ultimately recommends an option to the community based on price and overall value. Some communities have requested a CCA supplied by 100% renewable electricity.

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1. What is Community Choice Aggregation (CCA)?
2. What happens with my current utility?
3. Can I participate?
4. What if I don’t want to participate in the CCA?
5. What if I don’t opt-out within 30 days?
6. How do I know if National Grid is my electric supplier?
7. Can I join (opt-into) the CCA if I already selected a supply company other than National Grid?
8. What if I move?
9. Where does the electricity come from?
10. Can I get renewable electricity through the CCA?
11. What electric suppliers serve CCAs?