Do you have a policy for alternate examination dates?

Yes. An excerpt from the policy:

  1. An alternate examination date will be granted to a candidate when warranted by one of the following reasons:
    1. A death in the candidate’s immediate family or household within the week preceding the examination. Immediate family shall include the spouse, domestic partner, children, siblings, parents and grandparents of the candidate or spouse.
    2. Military commitment.
    3. Religious beliefs that preclude a candidate from taking an examination on the announced date.
    4. A conflict with a previously scheduled commitment to participate as a member of a traditional, religious or civil ceremonial party, such as a wedding, baptism, bar mitzvah or graduation; or as a member of the immediate family or household of the individual for whom the ceremony is being held.
    5. A conflict with a professional or educational examination. Professional examinations would include those for CPA, ACSW and the Bar. Educational examinations would include SAT, College Boards and Graduate Record Examination.
    6. A conflict with a previously scheduled vacation or professional conference for which nonrefundable down payments were made before the examination announcement was issued.
    7. Required court appearances.
    8. Medical emergencies involving a hospital confinement or certification from a physician that the candidate is unable to appear for the examination due to a specific medical problem of the candidate or member of the immediate family or household.
    9. Emergency weather conditions, verified by the local public safety agency, that lead to the closing of specific roads, highways or independent transportation services which prevent a candidate from reaching the test center.
    10. Other reasons not listed will be considered on an individual case basis.
  2. Limitations in Applying Alternate Test Date Policy
    1. A candidate who takes a test on an alternate date has a responsibility to avoid exposure to any of the test content. The risk of such exposure is increased after the pre-rating review, which is usually held the Saturday following the written test, and for that reason, alternate test dates will generally not be granted later than the date of the pre-rating review.
    2. Candidates approved to take the test on the alternate date will be required to sign an affirmation that they have not discussed the test content with any individual. If the affirmation is found to be false, the candidate will be disqualified and may be subject to civil or criminal liability or penalty.
    3. When a candidate requests an alternate test date because of one of the reasons set forth in Section I above, the candidate will be required to provide appropriate information.
    4. If two or more members of a household are candidates for the same examination and one member requests an alternate test date, all members of the household participating in the examination will be required to take the written test on the alternate date. If any member of the household has taken the test on the scheduled date, no other member of the household will be permitted to take the test on an alternate date.
    5. Where an alternate test date request can only be accommodated by administering a test on an individual basis, the candidate may be assessed the cost of the monitoring services unless there is a compelling reason to waive this cost. Candidates will be advised of the approximate cost of the individual test when arrangements for an alternate date are being made.

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