Patroon Greenway Feasibility Study

Patroon Greenway Map

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The Patroon Greenway would provide a much needed east-west connection for bicyclists and pedestrians, connecting recent and anticipated projects like the Albany Skyway and Tivoli Lake Preserve with residential development on both sides of the corridor and with major commercial and institutional destinations, like New York State’s Harriman Office Campus, the State University of New York (SUNY) at Albany, Albany Nanotech, Corporate Woods Office complex, and more.  

This study will identify feasible alignments and sources of funding for the engineering and construction of the trail. It will evaluate and analyze the 2004 Patroon Greenway Project’s conceptual alignment, potential easements, and review alternative alignments, including the connection from Tivoli Preserve to the downtown Albany waterfront.

Funding Sources

Capital District Transportation Committee