Sustainability touches on every aspect of governing a city andOffice of Sustainability logo the City of Albany strives to incorporate sustainability into all of our planning and projects, from street lights to fleet management to land use planning. Albany has a long track record of working towards a sustainable future, often leading the way for other communities.

Albany has implemented a wide range of environmental policies over the years. The City has increased energy efficiency by retrofitting municipal buildings and installing renewable energy options; converted almost 11,000 street lights to low-energy LEDs; implemented complete streets legislation; and promoted cleaner transportation, like bike and car share services, public transportation, and electric vehicle infrastructure, just to name a few efforts.

The City has a particular interest in reducing the emissions that lead to climate change. The scientific consensus around climate change is clear, and the City of Albany is responding strongly to become more sustainable, environmentally conscientious and prepared.  Pledging to help protect the environment and fight local climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Albany has undertaken several Greenhouse Gas Inventories, developed a Climate Action Plan and undertaken a series of energy-saving policies to reduce emissions.