Hoffman Recreation Center

Grand Opening: Winter 2025* 


Hoffman Community Center is a vibrant and inclusive hub where people of all ages come together for a variety of engaging activities. From providing a safe space for seniors to enjoy Bingo and offering exciting after-school adventures for kids to hosting dynamic programs like Upstate Gamerz and Y.O.O, our center is a focal point for community connection. With a diverse range of amenities, programs, and themed events, Hoffman Community Center is dedicated to fostering a sense of belonging and shared joy among its members.

The Hoffman Recreation Center was originally constructed in the mid-20th century as a small apartment complex, and was since converted to a recreation center. The facility consists of a two-story building along Hoffman Road, and a rear gymnasium/activity space, previously a vehicle storage/maintenance garage. Minor space and systems renovations have been made to the interiors over the years to improve climate control and lighting, but there continue to be some problems that undermine the use of the space.

"Completion of this project will be the day that our youth can play a full court basketball game in the gym, while our seniors have their tea time event on the other side of the community center in the meeting room."

-Jonathan Jones, Commissioner of Department of Recreation


Hoffman Project Schedule

The problem...

Hoffman Vision2
Hoffman Vision

The current building on Hoffman Avenue has outgrown its programming capacity to meet the community needs, and much of the 2-story building is inoperable to the public, because of potential environmental hazards in the flooring and walls of the building. As this facility also houses the Recreation administrative staff, the plan aims to maintain typical office room spaces, but utilize the compacted space in a more efficient way.

The intent of the project is to improve the Hoffman Recreation Center to support public health, assist families, and employ local talent to increase the quality of life of Albany residents. This project seeks to address the need for a public community center and office space that is accessible to all residents, as well as expands the programming offerings and parking access for users.

The current administrative offices, which includes a recreation facility, does not meet current standards, or needs of the City of Albany.

Hoffman Concepts3
Hoffman Concepts 1
Hoffman Concepts2
Funded by ARPA

Existing Program and Facilities

• Game Room

• Court space for basketball and indoor sports (insufficient space, ceiling height too low)

• Insufficient court space/ceiling height for basketball games

• Approximately 40 existing parking stalls (15+/- public use)

• Two Tennis Courts

• Two Basketball Courts

• Playground Area

• Outdoor Maintenance/ Storage Areas

Future Programs & Facility Needs:

Utilize the existing building and add contemporary elements including:

• Four Community Rooms

o Fitness/Dance Room

o Arts +Crafts/ Game-Technology Room with A/V facilities

o Activity Room with table hockey, ping-pong

o Quiet/Snack Room

• Kitchen (second floor) suitable to prepare/serve meals, warming area, with teaching kitchen

• Break Space

• HVAC System Upgrades

• Lighting Upgrades

• Demolish and reconstruct the gymnasium portion of the facility to include the following:

Full Size Gymnasium (2 courts is ideal or 1 full-sized court (two cross courts) and 1 half-court

o Peripheral spaces around the court for storage and seating.

o This space then may want to be divided periodically to separate a portion of the space for other activities, much the way the existing space does currently.

o Visibility between Gymnasium and Activity room/spaces (due to limited staff supervision)

Exterior site improvements to include:

• Additional Parking for public parking and safe student drop-off/pickup

• Automatic/FOB Entry Security Gate

• Greenhouse (year-round gardening)

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