Arbor Hill Park Community Advisory Board

Arbor Hill Park has a long history of providing recreational, cultural and educational opportunities to the Arbor Hill Community and residents across the City of Albany. 

The City believes that the future success of Arbor Hill Park will be enhanced by the creation of the Arbor Hill Park Community Advisory Board. This Board will coordinate programming at the Arbor Hill Park Sports Complex and will advise the City on park maintenance, operations and improvements. 

In order to facilitate coordination between the City and the Board, the City will appoint representatives from the following departments to sit on the Board:

  • Mayor’s Office
  • Recreation Department
  • Department of General Services

Albany’s Common Council is responsible for approving the City’s budget and capital plan. They also must approve all borrowing for capital improvements. In addition, Council members represent the needs of their constituents and advocate on their behalf for city services. Arbor Hill Park is situated at the crossroads of three of the City’s fifteen wards. Accordingly, the Board shall also include the following:

  • Third Ward Council Member
  • Fourth Ward Council Member
  • Fifth Ward Council Member

Community participation on the Board is essential. The Board must represent the many users of the Arbor Hill Park Sports Complex. The Board shall include the following additional representatives:

  • Albany Housing Authority Designee
  • Albany County Legislature Designee (selected by 3rd Legislative District)
  • Arbor Hill Neighborhood Association President
  • President of the Arbor Hill Softball League
  • 3 At Large Community Representatives selected by the Board*

*The Board shall create an application process to fill these Board seats, with At Large members serving for up to three, two-year terms. 

The Advisory Board initially will meet on a monthly basis and provide a set of recommendations for 2021 Arbor Hill Park operations no later than May 1, 2021. After 2021 operations have been finalize, the Board will work to create a 5 year plan for the Arbor Hill Park Sports Complex. 

Apply to be a member of the Arbor Hill Park Community Advisory Board by filling out this form