New Neighbors

Welcome to the City of Albany! We are so happy that you have chosen Albany and want to do everything possible to make the transition into your new home smooth. 

Albany is made up of historic and diverse neighborhoods that are the foundation of our City. The City's deep-rooted history and heritage have shaped the City's urban footprint, complimenting its natural setting along the waterfront and its reflection of historic architecture, major institutions, mixed neighborhoods and diversity of residents.

Our Neighborhood Services Department is here to help you get connected with the services and information. Please visit our Search Albany Map and type in your address to get contact information for your Neighborhood Specialist as well as information on your garbage and recycling collection day, your Common Council representative, what fire district and census tract your home is in and to find the assessed value of your home and property details. 

Below please find information that will be helpful to you as a new resident. Click here to download hard copies of the materials below. Access  the Good Neighbor Handbook here

If you are a landlord, you are responsible for having a current Residential Occupancy Permit (ROP) and are required to have the property re-inspected every two years. More information on regulations for rental properties can be found here.

Commercial properties are subject to registry requirements depending on the use and equipment.  Please make sure to visit the Registry & Inspection Programs Page to learn more about these required programs.

Click here for more information on voting in Albany.

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