Q3 of 2022


  • Number of new eviction cases filed in Q3 2022: 742+

    • July filings: 254

    • August filings: 256

    • September filings: 232

  • Primary cause of eviction filing: Non-payment of rent (80.8%)

    • Average claim amount: $4,967.48 higher than pre-pandemic arrears

  • Record low rates of tenant representation were observed, with only about 1.3% of tenants having an attorney in eviction court, compared to 92-94% of landlords.

  • It is estimated that upwards of 30% of Q3 judgments occurred in properties without a valid ROP.

Geographic Location

New eviction filings in Q3 were largely concentrated in Albany’s historically-redlined communities, to include Arbor Hill, the South End, and West Hill. In fact, nearly 70% of Albany eviction filings occurred in the zip codes associated with these areas (12210, 12202, and 12206). Other heavily-impacted neighborhoods in Q3 included Pine Hills, the West End, Sheridan Hollow, Delaware Area, and Beverwyck. 

Figure 1: Eviction Filing Heat Map (Albany, NY - Q3 of 2022)