Sustainability-related Plans

Sustainability Plans

2012 Albany Climate Action Plan (Appendix D of the Albany 2030 Plan)
The Albany 2030 Comprehensive Plan (Appendix D) outlines the City's commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiency.

Describing how Albany can encourage the use of more electric vehicles, this study also provides a list of proposed charger locations across the city.

Albany took the lead in developing this Regional Plan, which looks at sustainability efforts across multiple counties in upstate New York.

As our climate changes, what are our environmental risks?  And how can Albany prepare and adapt to changing weather patterns and rising sea levels.

The New York Power Authority rethinks energy efficiency in this detailed roadmap that will hold Albany accountable for its energy use, influence its critical long-term investments, and address climate change while building a vibrant clean-energy economy.

Anticipating an increasing need for electric vehicle infrastructure in coming years, this study was done to guide Capital District communities, with a particular focus on five municipalities, including Albany.

The South End has historically been threatened by inferior air quality, due in part to the proximity of places like the Port of Albany and I-787. The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation studied the problem in this report.

In part an update to the 2016 Capital District Electric Vehicle Charging Plan, this study lays out a framework for the deployment of electric vehicles region-wide.

This study reports on the total greenhouse gas emissions generated within the city limits in 2019.