Filing an Assessment Grievance

A Form RP-524s (PDF) must be filed (for both Commercial and Residential properties) between May 1 and May 23rd, 2023 in order for a property owner to contest their assessment. 

  • Assessments for commercial properties are based on income and therefore the Board of Assessment Review would seek the contents found in our Commercial Protest document.
  • Residential Assessments are based off of market value of the property and where that cannot be demonstrated, comparable assessments of similar properties.
  • You can search for recent sales and comparable properties by visiting our Parcel Finder. For assistance, consult Instructions to use the Parcel Finder.

2023 Grievance Schedule

In person inspection of the Assessment Roll for 2023 will be available during normal business hours (M-F 8:30-5) and by appointment Saturdays 9am – noon and Wednesdays until 8pm.

In person appearance before the Board of Assessment Review will occur on Tuesday May 23, 2023 from 9am to 1 pm and then again from 6pm until 8pm. Property owners or their representatives will appear before the Board on a first come first serve basis

The Department of Assessment is responsible for assessing all real property within the City and administers programs that grant real property tax exemptions to eligible individuals and organizations. The Assessor annually compiles an assessment roll of approximately 31,000 properties on which real property taxes are levied. It is the duty of the Department of Assessment to ensure fairness and equity in the valuation of all of the real property within the City of Albany, and treats each property owner with courtesy and professionalism in pursuit of this goal.

Please contact the Treasurer's Office for any questions or concerns regarding your property taxes.


The Department of Assessment maintains the following responsibilities:

  • Assessing Real Property within the City of Albany
  • Issuing a Tentative (May 1) and Final (July 1) Assessment Roll
    • The purpose of issuing a Tentative Assessment Roll is to put property owners on notice as to what will appear on the Final Assessment Roll. Property owners should inspect the Tentative Assessment Roll and if there is a concern as to its accuracy, they have the right to file a protest with the Board of Assessment Review by the fourth Tuesday in May. After the Board renders a decision, the property owner may have a right to continue their protest by means of a Small Claims action for residential properties or an Real Property Tax Law Article 7 proceeding for commercial properties.
  • Administer Exemptions
    • If they qualify, Property Owners may seek exemptions. The processes and time frames of obtaining an exemption vary and are specific to each exemption. If you have a question pertaining to a specific exemption please contact the Department of Assessment. A list of exemptions, along with the relevant City Code adopted by the Albany Common Council can be found below.
  • Inventory
    • The Department of Assessment works in conjunction with the building Department in order to maintain an accurate inventory of a property. Properties are updated in order to reflect any addition or demolition.