Do I Need an Attorney?

The City of Albany frequently receives calls from landlords with questions about specific situations. While we try to provide basic guidance, we are unable to provide legal advice. This is where the assistance of an attorney can be a valuable resource. 

Attorneys who practice landlord-tenant law typically have experience with eviction cases, small and commercial claims, and negotiating with tenants. The following resources may be of use when searching for an attorney for your rental business.

New York State Bar Association

The New York State Bar Association offers a low-cost Lawyer Referral Service. This gives you an opportunity to sit down with an attorney for a brief consultation before you decide whether or not you need further counsel, and if that attorney would be a good fit for you. Low-income services are available.

Albany County Bar Association

The Albany County Bar Association operates its own Lawyer Referral Information Service. This program matches you with attorneys who may be a good fit for your legal needs. 

Cornell Legal Information Institute

Cornell University's Legal Information Institute (LII) offers local lawyer directories, searchable by practice areas.

Online Attorney Search Tools

There are a number of websites that allow potential clients to research and read reviews for local attorneys. These include:

Landlord Associations

There are multiple landlord associations active in the Capital Region. These organizations may be able to recommend attorneys that other members have used.