Good Neighbor School

The City of Albany's Good Neighbor School

The City's Good Neighbor School project is an educational program for Albany tenants and landlords. It was first proposed during the summer of 2019 as part of Albany's application for the New York State Attorney General's Cities RISE Grant. Upon being awarded over $1 million in funding from Cities RISE, City staff conducted research and community listening sessions with over 400 residents. These efforts have informed the curriculum and current engagement strategies surrounding the Good Neighbor School, which officially launched in the spring of 2021.

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You can register by clicking here, or by contacting Ashley Hilaire at 518-540-2472 or via email.

Finding & Applying for HousingWed, 10/12 at 5pmThis workshop provides tenants with ideas for identifying and securing housing that is safe and affordable. Strategies for overcoming barriers to obtaining housing will also be discussed. A listing of current rental opportunities will be available following the workshop.
Moving & Signing a LeaseThurs, 10/13 at 5pmThis workshop will help tenants to better understand common lease provisions, to include those that are unlawful or may violate their rights. Renters will also be introduced to principles of record-keeping and documentation, which can help them to successfully maintain their housing.
Tenants' Rights
Mon, 10/17 at 5pmThis workshop will empower tenants to better understand their rights under the law and to assert their rights when necessary. Topics covered will include: the Albany Renter’s Bill of Rights, Residential Occupancy Permits (ROP’s), Fair Housing laws, common code violations, and more. Renters will also learn about local resources that can help if their rights are being violated.
Becoming a Successful Renter: Tenants' ResponsibilitiesTues, 10/18 at 5pmThis workshop will educate tenants their responsibilities, to include: how to successfully follow a lease, how to prevent and address rental arrears, how to clean and maintain their rental unit, and how to request repairs from their landlord when needed.  
Legal Processes for Tenants
Tues, 10/25 at 5pmThis webinar will provide tenants with an introduction to civil court proceedings in Albany. Topics covered will include: general court information, the eviction process, and how to file a housing lawsuit. Local legal and advocacy resources will also be discussed.
Landlord-Tenant Communication
Mon, 10/24 at 5pmThis workshop will provide tenants with strategies for productively communicating with landlords in order to help them diffuse conflicts and promote healthier landlord-tenant relationships.

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