Planning Board

Planning Board Meeting Agenda May 18, 2017

Planning Board Meetings are held the third Thursday of each month.
Planning Board will be held accordingly:
Meetings       City Hall  |  City Court, 2nd Floor, Room 209  |  5:30 pm
Workshops   Planning Conference Rm  |  200 Henry Johnson Blvd, 1st Fl  |  5:30 pm
See the full 2017 City of Albany Meeting Schedule.

Board Members

The Planning Board reviews requests for Development Plan Review, Demolition Review and Major Land Subdivisions.  Development Plan Review is required for all project proposals exceeding certain thresholds in the Unified Sustainable Development Ordinance, which includes all new commercial, industrial and institutional construction.  Demolition of buildings that are not located within Historic Districts, is also subject to review and approval by the Planning Board.  The Board also considers approval of major subdivisions and Condition Use Permits.

The Board’s mission is to ensure that development proposed within the City is compatible with the orderly development of the immediate neighborhood and surrounding areas, that the proposed development will be planned so as not to discourage the appropriate development or lessen the value of other parcels of land in the vicinity, and that development proposed for environmentally, aesthetically or ecologically sensitive areas of the City will reflect and consider the same.


Planning Board Contact

Brad Glass
Planning Department
200 Henry Johnson Blvd 
First Floor  |  Suite #3
Albany, NY 12210
Phone: (518) 445-0754
Fax: (518) 434-5294
General Email:

Office Hours: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday