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In 2009, the City of Albany initiated its first Bicycle Master Plan.  Albany's Bicycle Master Plan is a comprehensive study identifying a network of bicycle routes, route classifications and potential treatments for improved cycling throughout the City.  The Bicycle Master Plan aims to connect neighborhoods with local and regional destinations and fits with sustainable initiatives of Albany 2030 and the Mayor's Office of Energy & Sustainability.   

Cycling has a significant benefit to individuals, the community and the environment.  It is a healthy, sociable, affordable, and non-polluting mode of transportation (which matches the City's long-term goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions).  By careful design and through public contribution, Albany has created a City-wide network of bicycle routes that will help connect a regional network of multi-use trails, linking parks, natural areas, cultural features, historic sites, neighborhoods and retail areas.   Objectives of the Bicycle Master Plan include:

  • Advance the current vision of bicycling as a viable transportation alternative;
  • Develop a bikeway network linking desired destinations, residential areas and existing routes;
  • Identify a hierarchy of bikeways and associated treatments;
  • Examine bicycle-supportive policies as part of the City’s Comprehensive Plan;
  • Identify pilot projects for short-term implementation.

In response to the completion of the Albany Bicycle Master Plan, the Capital District Transportation Committee (CDTC) has developed Capital Coexist a local education campaign helping cyclists and motorists safely coexisting when using the region’s roadways.

In 2010, the City of Albany received a Planning Excellence Award for Innovation in Sustainable Places for the City of Albany Bicycle Master Plan by the New York Upstate chapter of the American Planning Association (APA).

Final Documents
City of Albany Bicycle Master Plan (2009)
Albany Bicycle Master Plan Maps 1 - 4

Bicycle Infrastructure Updates
See the Interactive Map below for updates to the City’s bikeway network, as identified by the Bicycle Master Plan. Updates include sharrows, signs and other improvements.

Albany Bike Master Plan Updates (.pdf)
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