Parking Permit

Applications for City of Albany residential parking permits are now available. For general information and to download an application, please see links below. The City Clerk’s Office is currently accepting NEW applications daily, Monday through Friday from 9am – 4pm. The form of payment is cash or check ONLY, no credit/bank/debit cards will be accepted. Please note that a valid driver's license and vehicle registration are necessary at the time of application.  

If you have not received a renewal letter as of yet please visit the City Clerk’s Office to obtain a letter.  If any information has changed please bring documentation regarding the changes from last year.  In an effort to encourage compliance, the system is moving from paper permits to a virtual system that will identify license plates of permit holders and visitors electronically. The old system will expire on April 10 at which time the new (virtual) system will go into effect. If you have moved, changed information or you are a first time applicant, you must visit the City Clerk's Office in person (see below for the necessary documentation) to ensure that your vehicle is permitted. If your information hasn't changed, you can renew online at the link below or in person at the City Treasurer's Office. Please note that in order to renew online you must have a permit ID number, which residents and business owners will receive in their renewal letter. If you would like to add a visitor to your parking permit, sign into your account here, then submit the required information. Should you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact our office at (518) 434-5090.  

Residential Parking Permit General Information (2015)
To submit a complaint regarding the residential parking permit system please, click here

Contact Information

Nala Woodard, City Clerk 
City Hall 
24 Eagle Street, Room 202 
Albany, NY 12207 
Phone: (518) 434-5090 
Fax: (518) 434-5081